On-line Booking System

An on-line Booking System can provide your tennis or bowls club with significant opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs and also improve service levels.
  • Management of bookings can be centralised, improving service levels and enabling cost reductions
  • Booking status of your centre is visible 24x7, in real-time and accessible by any browser equipped device, thereby facilitating casual player bookings
  • Provision of on-line payment options reduces revenue loss through the unauthorised use of facilities and encourages spontaneous casual play
  • Automation of pricing calculations assists consistency of pricing and facilitates variable pricing options such as discounts for poorly utilised periods
  • Integration of webcam(s) facilitate the cost effective management of small and/or unstaffed centres.
  • Improvements in management information enable rapid identification of revenue increasing opportunities and utilisation problems


The Booking Service has been designed specifically to meet the needs of Australian community sports centres. Key features include:
  • Affordable, hosted solution that simplifies maintenance and supports multiple concurrent users
  • Specifically designed to meet the needs of community centres and clubs
  • Supports an unlimited number of centres
  • The Club/Association view provides comprehensive management of booking details including:
    • Multiple contact detail captured
    • Repeat bookings
    • Provision for booking comments
  • The Public view provides players with the ability to either “Book and Pay on-line” or “Book and Pay on arrival” and includes:
    • Secure “Paypal” payment service
    • Privacy of Booking details
    • Email confirmation and receipt production
  • Highly configurable at the court/rink level to selectively enable or disable on-line payment options
  • Automated pricing calculations including seasonal twilight calculations
  • Optional webcam integration to enable monitoring of unstaffed or remote centres
  • Usable from any internet enabled including mobile devices such as an iPhones or Pocket PCs
  • Comprehensive set of management reports

Access Control and Lighting Automation


Court Lock                 Gate Closer

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     Example of Booking page utilising the Integrated webcam