Our broad range of skills and experience enables us to offer a catalogue of services which targets all stages of business and/or IT challenges - from requirements definition, through to strategy development, solution definition and implementation.

We have access to a pool of skilled and experienced resources that enables us to configure a team to address any situation.

Consulting Services
Barclay Consulting Services offers an integrated range of business and project services.

Business and IT Strategic Planning Business and IT Strategy
Application Portfolio Analysis
Application Software Selection
Business, IT and Program Governance

Business and IT Management Consulting
Quality, efficiency and reliability improvements to business and IT services
Holistic IT cost reduction and/or value improvements

Project Services
Project and program management
Software package implementation
Project Management

Consulting Skills Training  
Advanced problem solving techniques
Internal consultant development
Consulting skills acceleration and Mentoring for consulting practices

Web-based Solution Development
Website design, development and hosting services
Web marketing and promotion services