About Us

Barclay Consulting Services had it's origins as a boutique IT and Business Strategic  Consulting service provider.

In 2010 Barclay Consulting Services developed a strategic business plan for the Eastwood Thornleigh District Tennis Association. Amongst the insights gained from this work was a realisation that there were few affordable business systems available to community tennis organisation to assist them achieve administrative efficiencies. Barclay Consulting took on the task of developing a low-cost on-line booking system and this system was subsequently implemented at the Eastwood Thornleigh centre in 2011.

This on-line booking system became the core of a suite of systems that were developed by Barclay Consulting over the next few years. The overarching principles behind the creation of these systems were:

  • They must be affordable – containing the cost of systems has been a key requirement and system pricing is typically tiered to enable smaller organisations to implement a solution that is affordable for their business.
  • They must be modular – enabling organisations to implement systems as their needs evolve, confident that all system will work together, thus providing a broad systems roadmap.
  • They must be easy to use – whilst recognising that tennis centre management has “many moving parts” and an inherent complexity, the systems have been designed to be as intuitive as possible, requiring minimal training to be used successfully.

In 2018 the Barclay Consulting Services tennis systems were consolidated under the TennisBCS brand name.

TennisBCS solutions are designed to facilitate the execution of tennis centre operations as efficiently as possible. Modern tennis centre should manage events and operate the centre's facilities with a high degree of automation. In automated centres the staff should be focused upon the management of exceptions and minimising the introduction of errors caused by manual handling.