SM Website - eCommerce Extension
The BCS “eCommerce Extension” enables the self-managed website to support on-line registration for tennis services and the sale of merchandise

This facility provides tennis clubs and associations with a tool to significantly reduce the effort required to capture registrations and produce receipts. It offers the following benefits:

  • Customers can register and pay for tennis services on-line, such as coaching sessions, holiday camps and events/tours
    • Club Administration can also enter registrations directly into the database
    • Registration data for all tennis services are captured within a single database
  • Pro-shop merchandise can be offered on-line
    • Inventory is controlled
    • Interstate shipping charges are accommodated
  • A wide range of reports are included
  • Maintenance features enable you to add, delete and change offering information
  • The Events/News display panel can be used to alert users of impending events and connect them with the appropriate on-line registration form