Consulting Skills Training

The objective of this course is to provide Service Delivery Professionals with an introduction to the skills and techniques that will enable them to engage and address the most challenging of problems.
These skills can be applied in many situations, but are particularly useful where a solution is required to a problem that lacks structure, has a large number of unknowns and/or requires executive level participation.


  • Improve the capability of Service Delivery Professionals to deliver increased value through:
    • Effective engagement with internal or external clients
    • Improved client satisfaction with the quality of deliverables
    • Lowered risk of project slippage
    • Improved project profitability
  • Enable Service Delivery Professionals to reduce their personal risk (reputation) when performing complex service delivery projects
  • Develop a common approach and language amongst Service Delivery Professionals that facilitates mentoring and resource exchanges
  • Improve the overall confidence and moral of Service Delivery Professionals

Scope of the Course

  • Techniques for critical thinking
  • Core consulting method
    • The Definition Phase – Engaging with the client
    • The Structuring Phase – Defining the plan for analysis
    • The Data Gathering Phase – Getting the inputs
    • The Analysis Phase – Getting to results
    • The Reporting Phase – Explaining the results to the client

Additional Topics (Optional)

  • Advanced engagement planning for Engagement Managers
  • Advanced data gathering techniques – (workshop facilitation, survey design)
  • Advanced report writing techniques