Court Access and Lighting Control

Barclay Consulting offers a range of court automation solutions.


Option Description Advantages Disadvantages
1 Conventional padlocks on all gates
Unlocked and locked every day
Access via a physical key
Simple and low cost
No access procedures
Encourages use
Requires daily lock and unlock
Requires key management
2 Combination locks on each gate
Booking system issues access codes to players in the booking confirmation message
Lock combinations manually reset regularly
Simple and low cost
No key management
Requires regular physical combination changes
Requires occasional bookings review and/or court inspections
3 Access controller emulates combination locks
Access codes changed automatically Magnetic locks on gates
Simple extension of the combination lock approach Cost Gate hardware changes
4 PIN or RFID tag access control
Locks or unlocks courts based upon valid booking and issued PIN code
Low management effort (no keys) Higher complexity and cost
Requires gate hardware and controller
May require a network
5 Automatic scheduled gate control
Locks or unlocks the courts based upon valid bookings in the Booking Database
Uses magnetic gate locks PIN entry backup when internet down
Low management effort (no keys or PIN numbers)
Simplified process
Can include lighting control
Requires a network
Requires access controller
Requires membership system
Higher cost